Our new website is here!

Welcome to our very first blog post! This is one of the novel features of our brand new website. What better way to kick off the launch of a new website, and of our first blog post, than by going over our latest features!

Landing page

First off, we have the landing page with our logo hovering in the air. To the side, we have links to all our social media pages. One fun feature with the new page is that you can click on the background and it creates new bubbles!

Next two sections

The next two sections are fairly straightforward; we have brief overviews of our most recently completed projects, allowing you to see a little more of the work we do for our clients. Then we have the different services that we provide. I will talk more on those later on!

Next, we have some of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with over the past couple of years.

Lastly, we have the team and all our lovely faces! We are the cogs that work behind the scenes, ensuring that all our projects are delivered at a consistently high standard.

Our main service - Virtual Reality

Now, I am going to talk about the services that we provide.

Virtual reality is a rapidly growing medium at the heart of our business. Our primary focus is to provide experiences that not only leave an impact on the user, but also allow them to be immersed in another world.

At the moment, we only have one project for show, which is our archery training simulator. This was created as a test to examine whether virtual reality can improve the practical skills of the user. This is not the only thing we have made however, so please be on the lookout for more content coming soon!

3D modelling

The second core set of services that we provide are our 3D modelling skills. This aspect of our work is equally as important to us as the virtual reality component.

Tiwwa is an interactive art instillation that was exhibited at the Tate Modern back in June 2016. We helped to create the design of the piece.

Then we come to our own models. These were created with the purpose of displaying the level of quality that we can provide to our clients.

We are now blogging

Finally, this brings us to where we began: this blog page!

There are two topics that I will be focusing on. The first is more practically-focused and will discuss exciting emerging technologies and the potential impact that they may have on virtual reality.

The second subject will be more business-focused. In this section, we will be discussing some of the work that we have been undertaking, as well as revealing upcoming events in our calendar. We shall also be sharing some of the hardships that we have encountered as a start-up business.

Going forward, we will be setting a schedule in place. Each Wednesday, new content will be released on our blog. In our next post, we will be exploring our journey through the Santander Entrepreneurship Awards earlier this year.

Thank you for joining us for our first blog post! We look forward to producing lots of brand new content for you in the future.

Until then,